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About Little Kid, Big City!

If a child were given the opportunity to lead a tour of New York City, where would she go first? Would she take a ride on the ferry and climb the crown of Lady Liberty? Would she walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and grab a humongous, foldable slice of pizza? Or would she catch a show at Central Park’s puppet theater and then zig-zag through Times Square?

Well…it would be up to her! And that’s the big idea of Little Kid, Big City!, a collection of interactive travel-themed picture books. Author Beth Beckman and illustrator Holley Maher aim to inspire curious young minds to imagine, create, and navigate their own course through the biggest cities in the world.

In this series, a picture book and a guide book collide and co-opt an interactive format, allowing children to imagine, create, and execute their own routes through the greatest cities on the planet — which means that no two read-throughs are ever exactly the same. With gorgeous illustrations, lovable characters, and dozens of different forks in the road, Little Kid, Big City! is a new way for children to take part in their travels and invent their own adventures.

The first four Little Kid, Big City! books, starting with New York City and London, will be published by Quirk Books beginning in Spring 2021.